Do you know what makes this country amazing? The fact that you can buy things that you don’t have the money for. It’s incredible when you think about it. It’s called credit, and you pretty much can’t live without it in the USA. Why is this such a big deal? Well, outside of the Western world, other countries don’t exactly have this ‘buy now, pay later’ mentality. Try going to a village in Guatemala and tell them that you are going to take their products now and give them the money later… you might end up with a bad situation on your hands. Credit allows you to purchase things that would never be possible otherwise, and pay them off over time. The trick is, you must pay for the stuff—on time, and as promised. If not, well then, your “credit” will suffer. This is where a lot of people get in trouble. They overextend themselves and get into a situation where they cannot keep up with the monthly payments that they agreed to.

So, what determines if you have good credit or not? And how do you know what your rating is? Most people have no clue how the credit system works, and this is exactly why Big Dreams Credit was created. If this situation sounds all too familiar, then you came to the right place. Through education and consultation, we lead our clients through a series of programs that help them to understand the credit process and get them on the right track